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Thursday, April 24, 2014
The International Custodial Advisors Network, Inc. (ICAN)--a non-profit association comprised of industry consultants with a wide range of expertise in building management, indoor environmental and service disciplines provides this free janitorial and building maintenance consultation service to the industry through Cleaning Management Institute.

Building maintenance professionals can use this service to get knowledgeable answers to questions regarding facility maintenance from experienced industry experts who are ICAN members.

To submit a question, simply click on this button. You will be notified by e-mail when suggested solutions from ICAN members are posted on this page, usually within three business days.

Before submitting a question, you may want to search ICAN's Index of Building Maintenance Topics below for responses to previous questions in similar subject categories or use the key word search engines in ICAN's Facility Maintenance Professionals Troubleshooting Search Center.

Index of Building Maintenance Topics

Bidding & Estimating (335)

Blended/Skip/Cooperative Cleaning (2)

Carpet/Furniture Care (97)

Cleaning for Health & Safety (58)

Cleaning Procedures (245)

Colleges, Schools & Universities (37)

Contract Cleaning (126)

Day Cleaning (16)

Developing Management Teams (4)

Distribution (1)

Employee Issues (17)

Equipment, Chemicals & Supplies (58)

Executive & Managerial Development (3)

Facilitating/Advising Process Improvement Teams (1)

Facility Management (27)

Family Business Issues (4)

Foodservice/Hospitality/Hotels (8)

Green Cleaning (33)

Groundskeeping & Building Exteriors (3)

Hard & Resilient Floor Care (230)

Healthcare (24)

Hiring & Staffing (24)

Implementation of Cleaning Systems Upgrades (7)

Indoor Air Quality (10)

Industrial (4)

Instructional Materials and Manuals (2)

Legal Issues (10)

Marketing Strategies (18)

Mold Prevention & Remediation (10)

New Product Development and Testing (9)

Operations Audits (3)

Production Rates (19)

Quality Assurance (7)

Residential, Apartment & Condo (11)

Sales Training (1)

Slip & Fall (4)

Software (5)

Strategic Planning (9)

Team Cleaning (9)

Training Resources (17)

Water & Fire Damage Restoration (6)

Zone Cleaning (1)


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Recent Questions

I own a cleaning business in central Florida and recently landed a junk removal job in a foreclosed home with mold. The house is about 1700 sq ft. and has a LOT of physical trash inside. Sofa, TVs, mattresses, cabinets, furniture, etc. all of which needs to be thrown out. My question is how should I price this job. The dumpster will cost me about $500 for one dumpster dropped off and then hauled off. My problem is pricing my labor. The job will be done by myself and one other person. I am estimating the clean up will take 6-10 hours. We will be wearing filtered masks, gloves, goggles, and protective suit due to extreme mold. How should I price this job?

We have the opportunity to place a bid on a commercial building, cleaning the common areas. We have never put together this type of document before and are asking for assistance on how to price this job. The building is located in zip code 20678, southern Maryland area. It is an unfinished building, total square footage is 8832. We are being asked to vacuum hallways, clean ceramic tile in walkway, vacuum large spiral staircase, clean and stock 2 full sets of bathrooms, dust light fixtures and pictures, and dust any other areas as needed.

This is in regard to carpet cleaning in my own home. I recently received a flyer regarding having my rugs cleaned using the Von Schrader Dry Foam Extraction. Is this a good way to clean a carpet or is there some other method I should consider?

I recently relocated to the Phoenix, Arizona area from Wisconsin and started another cleaning service. I have a fix on bidding homes; however, I may branch out into small office buildings (1200 sq ft). My question is, what is the going rate in the Phoenix area for commercial cleaning?