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Wednesday, October 14, 2015


We have 18 year old VCT floors that have been poorly maintained and has stains that chemical stripping does not remove. Can they be sanded, as scraping with a sharp blade removes the stain? If they can, who has the equipment to do that?


Sanding or scraping will remove some of the tile itself and is not considered an acceptable practice for spot or stain removal on VCT flooring. There are abrasive sanding discs that you can use under a rotary floor machine with a detergent solution so that the friction is reduced. The trick is to keep the surface of the tile smooth and that may not be easy unless the floor is very flat. If it is not, you will abrade the high spots and create more contrast problems than you now have. And if you get the floor to smooth, you would create a slip and fall hazard. Can these stains be drawn out with a poultice of some sort? Rust removers will work, if given time. Check the archives as we have answered similar questions before, you will find more specific instructions there.
Lynn E. Krafft ATEX/ICAN Associate Editor