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Thursday, September 03, 2015


We have aging tile in a nursing home and carpet is being considered as the replacement. Does carpet have a place in the hallways of a nursing home?


Carpet can be beneficial in a variety of ways (aesthetic, acoustic, spill containment), but only if it is properly maintained. Most nursing homes are not willing to
invest the money or time resources to ensure that a proper maintenance program is implemented ... FROM DAY ONE. What happens, instead, is that maintenance is not budgeted for or undertaken until the carpet is in fair to poor condition. At that point, the restorative cleaning results are less than optimal and the staff quickly sours on carpet (no pun intended).
With proper maintenance, infection control and odors from bacteria or other sources should not be a problem. With improper or insufficient maintenance, they will be a problem.
Properly selected and installed carpet will not pose a tripping problem and, in fact, is beneficial in reducing slip/fall accidents and injuries.
Does carpet have a place in the hallways of a nursing home? Yes, but only if there is a commitment and budget to properly maintain it.
John Downey