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Friday, November 27, 2015


What is the best way to clean raised white floors in a computer room that has cables and electrical wiring running below the floor. Is there a dry method that I can use?


Computer rooms use raised flooring to allow for air conditioning as well as easy access to cables and wiring.
After removing two to four panels, use a HEPA filter vacuum cleaner with an extension tube that has a brush on the end of it to remove visible dust and lint from under the flooring. All surfaces of the panels and frame that holds them in place will need cleaning (brushed, scraped, vacuumed and wiped with a damp cloth) during this process. This type of service is usually scheduled once every year or two depending on specification and needs of the room and is not normally included in basic janitorial service specifications for such areas. (an extra charge at a time and materials rate). This is a two person assignment as under the panels is considered a confined space and the panels are heavy. A small framed, agile person is best for the under the floor work as space is limited and you must be careful/gentle when handleing/moving the cabling.
Damp or spot mopping of the tiles surface with a well wrung out mop or a small autoscrubber is acceptable for daily maintenance. Water/solution control is critical. Flood and wet mopping techniques should not be used as the solution can penetrate between the panels and get below the floor causing damage to the panel edges, framing, connections and wiring. The floor panels can be removed from the grid with a vacuum-attached handle and swapped out with replacement panels if they need to be taken outside the room for detail cleaning and or repair.
Lynn E. Krafft, ICAN/ATEX Associate Editor