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Wednesday, November 25, 2015


I am just starting my business in cleaning services, and I would like to know how much to charge and what to offer. Should I offer free floor services like waxing and cleaning floors?


First, the answer to your question about offering free floor service is NO!
Second, the fact that you need to ask such a question (and use the term waxing, which hasnít been done commonly in the industry for 60+ years) indicates a serious need to get some training immediately, before you invest time and energy into a failing venture.
I know there are many who see cleaning services as work for the disadvantaged and less educated who can find no other way of making a few dollars to cover living expenses. These poor souls are doomed to spend their days pushing brooms and pulling mops, but, at least, it is simple work they can learn by trial and error, not intensive, demanding work such as being a college educated health-care provider, spreading HAIs around the hospital.
The reality is, however, you need to know both how to run a business and how to clean, to start a cleaning service that will succeed. Both require education and training. It is not simple-minded stuff to operate a profitable business, and if you are doing floor refinishing or carpet cleaning, you better know what you are doing and do it well, or you will last in the business as long an ice burg at the Equator.
Go to and look over the 450 Cleaning Times booklet and the CIMS downloads to see what you need to know.
Materials are available at and look at the training DVDs. CMM is available digitally and is a leading trade journal.
Review the material at and at There is a lot to learn, but we have a lot of resources to learn from.
Do all your prep work before taking on any jobs and making any proposals. We donít need another failing cleaning business and you donít need the grief.

Lynn E. Krafft, ICAN/ATEX Editor