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Sunday, October 04, 2015


We are being asked to bid on a 41,000 sq. ft. medical facility. It has 32 exam rooms, and 18 offices, as well as 4 reception areas and a staircase. There are also about 10 admin. offices. We are located in Wisconsin. Just looking for what the average per hour and sq. ft. prices are, so we can be around that. We’ve not done a medical facility this size before. They also want us to supply our own cleaning chemicals and put together a carpet cleaning schedule and floor stripping/refinishing schedule. Do we add that to the bid, extra from regular cleaning and charge as deep clean or what is the best route to go?


You are probably looking at 14-16 man-hours a night for the cleaning. Depending upon which city in Wisconsin you are located, you might be able to charge $19 an hour. Of course, this is your decision depending upon your expenses, overhead, and required profit.
I would shoot for once-a-year extraction of all the carpet, plus a second time for hallways and lobbies and break-rooms. You want the strip and refinish job to last a year or more. If the traffic is heavy, you can always offer a scrub and recoat every six months at about 60% of the strip price. It is best to price the extras - extra. Itemize the project work in case you need to flex the frequencies. Without seeing the building and entering the data into my bidding software, it is difficult to be more exact.