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Friday, November 27, 2015


I have two areas in a restaurant with terrazzo floors to strip and high speed burnish. Area #1 is 15x5, area #2 is 60x10. I am looking at two men for the job; chemicals will be added to the price. There will be detail work under all the tables which are mounted to the floor.


You are servicing 675 sq. ft. Depending on the build-up, you likely should charge in the neighborhood of 40 to 60 cents a sq. ft. This is a small job requiring just as much setup and cleanup time as 6000 sq. ft. The maximum return will then be around $400.
Do you anticipate that this will cover your labor expenses and leave some profit?
Next, you need to determine what you want to do with the stripped floor. I recommend considering applying a penetrating terrazzo seal and then polishing the floor with the newer diamond pads, therefore avoiding topical seals that tend to build up and get applied over dirty surfaces.
Lynn E. Krafft, ICAN/ATEX Editor