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Thursday, November 26, 2015


How can I take plastic sun block film off a window?


Answer: # 1
If the sunblock is an adhesive film it can be removed by pulling it slightly loose at the top right corner and while keeping pressure on the film by pulling it away from the glass with your fingers, spray a mist of Dawn dish detergent and water behind the film (1/2 ounce of detergent to gallon of water). While continuing to pull the film away from the glass, (keep the film tight) take a sharp single edge razor blade and slice along the glass where the film is still in contact with the glass (you are not cutting the film, only slicing the adhesive free from the glass), work small strokes from the top to bottom of the area, repeat this process, while continuing to pull the film from the glass. If the window is too large to do remove all the film at one time, work in one-foot sections top to bottom. Lastly use an oil free solvent to remove any remaining adhesive from the glass and then clean the glass again. This is one of the ways the technicians who apply the film do it. Sometime is helps to warm the film with a hair dryer before attempting to pull the film off the glass.
Bill Griffin, President

Answer # 2
One effective method requires a paint, oil and grease removing solvent (normally formulated for carpet) and scraping with a 5-inch razor. Apply the solvent first, so it has time to penetrate and loosen the film. It is imperative to keep the glass wet to provide lubrication and prevent scratching as you begin scraping. It is a slow process and floors, windowsills, and carpet must be protected from solvent damage.
Occasionally, when you start peeling a sheet and the solvent runs down behind the film, you will be fortunate enough to grab and slowly peel off the entire sheet. Use ventilation, personal protection, and preferably work while the area is unoccupied since the solvent is normally mineral spirit based. Finally, clean the glass normally with your wash wand, detergent, and squeegee to remove the solvent residue.
Gary Clipperton
National Pro Clean Corp.
(719) 598-5112