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Wednesday, October 07, 2015


How much do I need to charge for screening and refinishing 2000 sq. ft. of hardwood floor? What is the going rate per square foot on hardwood in Atlanta, Georgia?


One of the benefits of attending the ISSA show is the opportunity to meet other industry leaders and discuss new approaches for cleaning. Last month, I had a great discussion with John Fairbanks, a regional manager with Bona, a wood floor care provider. John answered the question with expertise. Keep in mind that anytime you quote a job you may need to adjust for travel, moving of furniture, machine size, and experience of your crew.
Here is John's answer.

The pricing for a retail store is going to fall in line with the pricing for a residential screen and coat. In the southeast 16 states, my territory, I see the pricing anywhere from $.85 to $1.50 a square foot depending on what products are used (H2O or OMU, Oil-Modified Urethane), how many coats are promised and other services provided (dust containment was once used as an upcharge, but now it is used to separate yourself from the competition and often times is required by the customer).

Competition has quite a bit to do with your price per square foot. If this were a gym floor and you have multiple companies bidding on it, I would expect the price to be around $.22 - .17 a square foot for an OMU. Itís beneficial to both parties involved to develop a working relationship with your customer to avoid a bidding price war. The contractor will not be forced to leave money on the table and the customer has their own hardwood floor professional on speed dial.

Itís always a good idea to have a maintenance program put into place for your customer. Go over the common daily, weekly, and monthly maintenance procedures. Also, in the maintenance program there should be a schedule of maintenance coats. This will be dependent on the foot traffic on the floor. As an example, a typical high school gym will get an annual recoat, and some possibly semi -annual, again depending on use. A residential home might not get a recoat for 2 or more years. What this will do is keep you in contact with your customer, make you their hardwood floor specialist, and eliminate future bidding wars on this particular floor.


John Fairbanks

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