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Friday, November 27, 2015


What should I charge my client for a strip and refinish of a 1500 square foot commercial floor? This location has heavy traffic, 7 days a week. The last floor maintenance was four months ago; the floor is bad, little was left on the floor, lots of scratches and dirty. My crew consists of myself and three others. We will work with the low speed machine, prepping the floor by sweeping, stripping, mopping, applying sealant, then applying three coats. The five gallons of stripper cost approximately $36, floor finish approximately $71.99. I don't have the cost of the seal. How should I bill this contract?


You need to add up the estimated product costs and then figure in the labor needed for the project. Figure your overhead expenses that apply to this job. Add also the profit, above your personal labor return.

If you estimate accurately, you will see a reasonable return on the investment of your time and expertise.

Personally, I would wish to place 5 or 6 coats on a floor such as this to allow for the wear it experiences. You may not have time to put down this many and allow for proper drying between coats. With out adequate coating, the finish may not last untilt the next service.
Lynn E. Krafft, ICAN/ATEX editor