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Monday, August 31, 2015


Please, can someone help me to give a new customer a reasonable quote for her RESTAURANT & BAR........This is my first time and I will be very happy if she hires my company. I have no idea how much to charge. The place is about 4,000 sq ft. and involves 7 days of cleaning after 2 AM. She needs general cleaning, included kitchen and bar, and the restaurant is on two levels. Please let me know how much I can charge for my service per month.


The key to your charge, as always, is how long it will take to do the work well. Your description of the size and requirements is limited and doesn't give us much to go on. Additionally, we have no idea of your capabilities or business expenses for labor, insurance, supplies, etc. How much profit do you feel is adequate for staffing and doing this sort of demanding project?
Here are a few concerns that you need to address.
1) The work hours are hard to fill. Most people like to be asleep at 2 AM, so consider the workforce you intend to use. You might (and perhaps have) consider going in early in the morning before it opens to do the work. That timing may make finding workers easier.
2) Condition of surfaces can be of real importance here. If old and beat, they will add to the cleaning time and adversely affect the morale of the custodian.
3) Is the lighting sufficient to allow the cleaner to actually see the surfaces?
4) Is this a high class establishment or is it the sort that attracts untidy, even destructive, patrons? In other words, what condition will you find it in after close each night?
Establish as closely as you can the time you will need for the tasks you must care for and work up a price from that point.