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Saturday, November 28, 2015


A potential customer called me today (August 26) inquiring if I could give him a price to clean the floor at his 190,000 sq. ft. warehouse concrete floor. The concrete has a smooth (not very smooth) surface, it's not rough. I rarely do jobs like this. I only have a BOOST machine, and several side-by-side. Wet vacuums are also available. However, I can easily rent a ride-on machine, if needed. The warehouse hasn't been used for over 2 years. The floor is very dusty. Its a large open area, nothing to be moved. Could you, in any way you can, help me put together a price for this job. I would like to know an estimated to sweep only, and another to sweep and scrub. Any help will be greatly appreciated.


I would recommend that you rent a large power sweeper to remove the dust without stirring it up and leading to having to do the work over. The ISSA "Times" booklet suggests that you can cover 1000 sq. ft. on a 42" ride-on sweeper in 1.8 minutes, making the dust removal job about 6 hours on that machine.
You certainly don't want to do this with hand brooms and small vacs.
Same advice if you need to scrub the floor to remove spills or build-up. Get the largest auto scrubber you can rent and use that.

Your pricing will be set by the cost of the operation in terms of rentals,labor time on the job, and your desired profit. Calculate those items and go to it.