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Wednesday, October 07, 2015


How do I go about getting cleaning contracts for movie theaters? I'm dying to find out. I would like to set myself up to do that.


The ICAN consultants recommend purchasing training manuals, videos, bidding software, and attending seminars to learn all the tricks of the trade. When you submit a bid that is way too high, or way too low, you lose either way. In addition, the ICAN website lists many consultants who can help you start your business.

So, let me share an innovative way to learn how to clean, staf,f and bid movie theaters. Visit a large city that is an hour or two away from your home. Call on the theaters and ask if the manager could answer a couple of questions for you. Explain to the manager your intent on opening a cleaning service for theaters in your city. A business card can act as proof.

Then, ask about their service, square footage, number of restrooms, scope of service, how long it takes, what all is included and what it costs. You should find a couple of managers who are willing to indulge your Q & A session. A pre-bid building survey form is also invaluable. Finally, be sure to start with a small theater in your city, so you can learn the ropes. Again, a janitorial start up training program with coaching is invaluable. Don't forget that cleaning 7 days/365 a year, after midnight is a serious commitment.

Gary Clipperton
National Pro Clean Corp.
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