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Sunday, October 04, 2015


I have found that custodians often don't empty their machines of water and chemical when finished with their water extractors or dry forming machines. Could it harm the machine if you leave water and chemicals in the tanks overnight? Many managers don't think so. What do you say?


Most extractors contain nylon pumps, parts, and tanks, so damage would be minimal, if any at all. The trick on shampooers is to train everyone to fill the last tank with only enough solution to finish the carpet, so you run out of solution at the end of the shift. With extraction, you should be spraying on the cleaning agent first, and extracting with clear water, or using a dilute acidic rinse to counteract wicking and browning on lighter carpet.

If you leave water in the supply tank overnight, it will be cold the next day, whereas fresh, hot water will do a much better job. The waste tank should always be emptied when finished, the filter cleaned, and the lid left open to air dry. Otherwise, you could experience a nauseous odor when you start up the machine the next day, or the next week. Building occupants will not enjoy the odor caused by operator neglect, and IAQ will certainly suffer.

Gary Clipperton
National Pro Clean Corp.
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