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Tuesday, December 01, 2015


A new building being constructed on our campus is using VHT flooring that the included literature says can have a floor finish applied, but is not necessary. What have others with this floor type been doing to maintain it?


After a helpful second e-mail from the inquirer, I searched the manufacturer’s site for maintenance information on Vinyl Homogenous Tile (VHT) flooring because I have never seen that abbreviation before. The company, American-Biltrite, makes a solid vinyl tile that does not need added finishes to protect it.

Here is the address for the maintenance sheet.$FILE/6047-A%20-%20Texas%20Granite%20-%20Maintenance.pdf

Here is the site’s comment:

Important notice about floor finishes: the application and upkeep of floor finishes increases the overall cost of maintenance. Solid vinyl flooring does not require floor finishes to protect it, and it should be used for its natural resiliency. However, some users may choose to apply finishes to get a higher luster.

If the manufacturer says the tile doesn’t need a finish applied, it is probably because a factory finish with a high gloss is already on the tile. Lay it and it will look good from the start.
While I normally would recommend protection on a “no-wax” product, in this case I would say to follow the above maintenance instructions to allow for the promised maintenance savings to pan out.
We would all like to know the outcome of your experience with this product. It looks great on the website, but daily use on a real floor is the actual test.

Lynn E. Krafft, ICAN/ATEX Editor