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Tuesday, October 13, 2015


I recently provided an estimate for a office cleaning job along with carpet cleaning and I believe I've made a slight miscalculation in regards to the price. What would be the ideal way to turn this around and provide the prospective client a new quote?


I'm not sure what "slight miscalculation" means. If you are off $4 a month, no big deal. Take the loss.
If you are off $40 a week, you need a correction.
I would simply tell the prospective client that you discovered an error in the initial proposal and do not want to go into a job at a price that doesn't allow for a quality delivery of your service. Then, give them the revised proposal and thank them for their consideration.
No one is ever distrusted for be honest and forthright. And all businesses understand that mistakes are made and need to be corrected openly.

Lynn E.