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Tuesday, October 06, 2015


I am getting a new building and 90% of the flooring is carpet. How do I approach this and what cleaning system do I need? Do I use a pre-spray, spin cleaner, extraction rinse and cleaner? Is a shampooing good?


Answer #1:
First, find out what carpet mill manufactured the carpet and what "style" was installed (by knowing the style you can find out the technical specs such as fiber content and density). Then contact the mill rep. and ask for the cleaning and maintenance recommendations/guidelines of that carpet. If you still have questions, contact the technical services department of the carpet mill for more information.
A good secondary source of information would be the Carpet and Rug Institute ( They have general cleaning and care guidelines for commercial carpet installed in various types of facilities.
John Downey

Answer #2:
Once you know what sort of carpet you are caring for you will have some recommendations, but the final judgment as to what method to use on any given part of the flooring at any given time will rest with you and your crew.
Spin cleaning (bonnet cleaning) using a no-foam prespray is a fine interim cleanup method. It is fast, low moisture so it dries quickly, and inexpensive. The warnings about bonnets untwisting heat set fibers are silly. Bonnets simply push the fibers to one side or the other due to the size of the pad used.
A prespray before an extraction will work on lightly soiled carpet. Heavy soiling responds well to shampooing which, after some dwell time, is rinsed out with the loosened soils. Shampooing with a wet, properly broken-in brush will not damage the carpet, either.
Go to and e-mail them about ordering the S100 Guide for Professional Carpet Cleaning. It will show you all the common cleaning methods and how to use them properly.
Lynn E. Krafft, ICAN/ATEX Associate Editor