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Saturday, November 28, 2015


Should screens be use for stripping finish off vinyl flooring? The screens that I am asking about are the ones use for cleaning wood flooring.


Answer # 1:
No. Screen mesh disks should not be used to remove finish from vinyl flooring. Sanding vinyl flooring with screens normally used to abrade or remove finish from wood flooring can permanently damage vinyl flooring and if done dry would cause particulate to become airborne during the process. It should be noted that some semi-permanent topical coatings now being applied to floors may need to be lightly abraded with a 60 or 120 grit screens in preparation for recoating. But this would involve sanding of the topical coating only, not the actual floor covering itself. The second answer below gives more info on possible restoration and salvage techniques that may involve the use of a screen mesh disk on vinyl tile and other surfaces.
Bill Griffin, President

Answer # 2:
Using a screen mesh-sanding disc to strip VCT is not recommended because it can cause excessive abrasion and damage. However, there may be cases where permanent sealer, polyurethane, or concrete sealer needs to be stripped and all previous attempts and procedures have failed.
If the floor covering warranty has expired (normally 5 years), a careful use of a sanding screen may be considered. Floors must be conventionally stripped to remove as much finish as possible. Next, apply the stripping solution again to the floor. Place a 100 mesh-sanding screen under a strip pad. Maneuver the floor machine over the wet areas to avoid damage from sanding a dry floor. Usually just one stripping operation works to remove the sealer build up. If the clean VCT appears courser than normal, use an approved sealer for the first two coats prior to applying your floor finish.
Gary Clipperton
National Pro Clean Corp.
(719) 598-5112