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Tuesday, December 01, 2015


How do sticky floors occur, and how do we prevent them? We use Johnson Diversey floor finish (3-5 coats) with a quat disinfectant floor cleaner from Hillyard.


Of course, the obvious contributor would be heavily soiled dust mops and wet mops. Or possibly, using wet mops with a heavy concentration of detergent each time and allowing them to dry unrinsed.
From there, I would confirm that the exact mix ratio of your disinfectant is followed. Too heavy of a dilution could leave residue. And make certain it is, indeed, a quat and not a phenolic, commonly used in health care facilities such as yours and prone to damaging floor finishes. Finally, check overuse of a spray buffing solution or restorer.
Normally, a clear water rinse followed by burnishing will remove sticky residues. Just make sure the burnish pads are rotated, cleaned, and replaced as necessary. The old adage that if a little bit does a good job then a lot more will do even better is certainly counterproductive when it comes to floor maintenance. More than likely, overuse of products is the cause of your sticky problem.

Gary Clipperton
National Pro Clean Corp.
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