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Wednesday, November 25, 2015


I would like to know about training and bidding classes for my line of work, and how to train employees properly.


There are many good sources available today for the training of cleaning industry professionals. Your options include on line programs, CD's, one, two, or three day seminars, videos, intensive week long courses, college courses, conventions and trade shows, as well as books, correspondence courses, and magazines. Many of the courses and materials are specialized as to a subject matter, process, piece of equipment or chemical, and may be offered by manufacturers, suppliers, distributors, private or public schools, associations, or consultants.
As a starting place, I suggest getting a copy of the buyers guide issue for several of the different cleaning industry magazines or visit their websites to see what they have listed in their calendar and training sections. Here are a few places where you can start:
I'd also visit the IICRC website at They list hundreds of courses through out the country.
Beyond this, check with your local janitorial supplier to see what they offer or have planned for your area.
Type “custodial or janitorial training” into Google and see what you can find listed on the Internet.
Look for non-commercial training courses and materials since many suppliers, manufacturers, private consultants, and schools only talk about or promote the products and processes they sell and/or believe in. With them, you may end up getting only part of the information you need, or a biased perspective.

Bill Griffin, President