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Sunday, November 29, 2015


My question is on dry vapor steam cleaning. I am co-owner of a Green Cleaning company in North Texas and would like to know how to price this type of service. Since we will only be using dry vapor steam, should this service be priced more, less or the same as traditional carpet cleaning? How do I go about formulating a price?


Most carpet experts would discourage the use of dry vapor steam cleaning for carpet. The dry vapor normally runs at 240 degrees and some carpet seaming tapes melt at 190 degrees. You might end up replacing all of the seams after cleaning with dry vapor steam.

Gary Clipperton
National Pro Clean Corp.
ProClean College
(719) 598-5112

I'd strongly suggest you rethink the idea of using dry vapor steam cleaning for carpet. In addition to the concern that Gary Clipperton previously mentioned, I would add the following:
1. It very well may melt polyproprylene (Olefin) carpet fibers.
2. It will strip the stain-resist treatment off nylon carpet fibers and in most cases void the manufacturer's warranty.
3. In many cases, it will damage the dyes on nylon and polyester carpet.
4. Its cleaning effectiveness will be marginal. Carpet is a
three-dimensional textile. If my understanding of dry vapor cleaning is correct, it works well on flat surfaces. Carpet is not a flat surface and most of the soil resides under the surface.

John Downey, President, Downey's Carpet Care of Granville
Trainer, (OS1) Carpet Care
Founder, Cleanfax Magazine