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Friday, November 27, 2015


One of our buildings has a custom designed, cut pile carpet that runs right up to the exterior doors. During the inclement weather of the snow gets carried in on the feet of people that enter the building, even though there is an exterior matting system. The building occupants do not want to cover the designer carpet with walk off mats and want the designer carpet covered with another carpet, that will match the patterns and colors of the designer carpet. The maintenance staff have already used a piece of the original carpet and had it bound on all sides. The challenge is the "creep factor." the top of carpet tends to creep over the bottom carpet. To date, special industrial types of "tacky back" mats and tapes have been used to no avail, duct tape has been used (carpet tape doesn't work) and also a velco system has been tried on back of the carpet. The floor system is concrete. Special plastic rivets were tried to attach the top carpet to the bottom, but it would not work because there is not enough space between the bottom carpet and the concrete as the carpet is glued to the floor. Any ideas on how to stop the top carpet runner moving across the bottom carpet? Alan Bigger


Answer # 1.
I don't know of any easy fixes for this one. It looks like you have tried all of those. This sounds like a design issue to me. Possibly you can redesign the entrance to allow for an insert area so you could swap out the carpet immediately in front of the door when the bad weather hits. That way the carpet wouldn't get trashed and once the bad weather is over you could put the nice carpet back in place or you could have several nice inserts so when one is out of service getting cleaned a back up could be installed. We will see if any one else comes up with a bright idea for you.
Bill Griffin, President

Answer # 2.
How about attaching metal or plastic "golf/football shoe type spikes" to the bottom of the top carpet. That may hold a little better.
James K. Thompson
A-1 Building Services
Wyoming, MI