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Tuesday, October 06, 2015


I am starting a commercial cleaning company and I’m considering whether I should clean with traditional products and use green cleaning products only when asked by my customers, or use green products even if the customer does not ask for them.


First, remember that your biggest business cost, by far, is your labor and related items. The cost of supplies is way down the line.
Second, I think you will find that the cost of “Green” products from reputable manufacturers is not out of line with the cost of traditional cleaners, strippers, etc. You should no longer have to pay an outlandish price for using something environmentally safe and effective.
In my experience, daily building cleaning can be done by water and the occasional use of glass cleaner, a quat, and a neutral floor cleaner, making that investment minimal, no matter what products you choose.
In light of the new wave of attention being given to “Green” building and servicing due to the emphasis that the USGBC and others are putting on the environmental good sense of doing these things, you are well-advised to use “Green” products and let potential customers know of your decision.
For years I have been saying that the cleaning industry should not foolishly convey the impression that lately we are showing remorse over poisoning the populace with poor products and are now “Going Green” to fit the popular trend. I stand by that. Our advertising should indicate we are now as progressive and environmentally concerned as we have always been, and are taking advantage of newer technologies to become even better service providers.
Go with Green because it is the future in responsible cleaning.

Lynn E. Krafft, ICAN/ATEX Associate Editor