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Sunday, October 04, 2015


We have marble in the lobby and the guy doing the lobby for the last 8 months has been spraying glass cleaning on the tile and burnishing it. Now it really looks bad. Can the floor be restored, without replacing all the tile?


Answer # 3
Window cleaner over time would damage the shine to the point where buffing with diamond pads would help. The answer would depend on if it was true marble or limestone. Limestone could easily be restored to factory shine with Italian Craftsman Polishing Cream and a white pad/ no diamonds. If true crystalline marble then you may need to go the diamond route.
Stan Zimmer

Answer # 2:
I'd try the diamond impregnated floor pads from 3m, HTC-America. or VicIntl. They are easy to use, require no chemicals and produce and maintain an nice shine on most stone floors. From now on use a neutral detergent for daily cleaning and keep the glass cleaner on the glass where it belongs. I'd also suggest attending the one of the IICRC Stone Maintenance Technician (SMT) Certification program classes offer through out the USA. For location info visit:
Bill Griffin, President

Answer # 1:
Yes, the floor can be restored easily, either by high speed polishing, or by stone prepping using a low speed side to side machine.
Frank Necela
Professor of Floorcareology
Janitor University
Former Founder and CEO
Sunrise Supermarket Services Inc.